04 de juliol 2012

Saber com ets

Estic navegant per celebrar que és el dia nacional de França, el meu segon país, i vaig a petar no sé com a una enquesta que determina com ets professionalment. Decideixo començar-la. Vaig avançant i veig que està bé aquesta enquesta perquè són diversos punts dels que et dóna el resultat i a més et fa un comentari professional. Ara la faig pública per no enganyar a ningú. L'haig de publicar al Linkedin?


You have discipline. Despite all of the tasks and challenges vying for your attention, you sort through competing priorities and stay focused. You have your favorite tricks for doing this—setting aside blocks of time, finding ways to minimize interruptions, making decisions quickly. You know that it’s not enough to be busy. Your concentrated focus produces meaningful accomplishments.

K/F Insight:
Keeping on Point is very important across all leadership levels, particularly at the manager level where it is highly correlated with strong performance. However, the skill level for most people in Keeping on Point is moderate when compared to other leadership skills. Fortunately, it is easier to develop than most leadership skills. The ability to set priorities and stay focused is not common—it will differentiate you from your peers.

Most people would say that you are a likable person. You relate well to all kinds of people. You make other people feel at ease. You are genuinely interested in other people. And you naturally build relationships by inquiring about people’s interests, priorities, and perspectives. After spending time with you, people feel like they matter. Your positive, affirming nature makes others feel important and valued. People are quick to offer the same respect and consideration back to you.

K/F Insight: Relating Skills are particularly important at the individual contributor level. Most people’s skill in this area is high, and it is moderately difficult to develop. Leaders who are skilled in this area are also likely to be skilled in Managing Diverse Relationships and Being Open and Receptive. While the presence of these interpersonal skills may not be enough to get you promoted, the absence of these skills can stymie your progression up the leadership ladder. 

You seek out people with different points of view and different backgrounds. Even though you acknowledge that it takes a little more time and more deliberate communication, you see the value that a diversity of perspectives and experiences contributes. You are open and collaborative. You share and communicate well. You seek to understand, accommodate, and leverage differences.

K/F Insight:
Managing Diverse Relationships is significantly related to getting promoted at the manager and executive levels. The skill level for most people is high, and it is moderately difficult to develop. Relating well and collaborating with people who have different points of view and different backgrounds and experiences can enhance and sharpen your contribution at work.

You make a point of asking questions to learn more about people. You are willing to share work- and nonwork-related things about yourself to find common ground with others. You actively listen to others’ perspectives. You have a way of focusing your mind exclusively on the person in front of you and what he or she is saying. The fact that you stay so present sends a strong message about the other person’s value and the worth of his or her point of view.

K/F Insight: Most people are moderately skilled in Being Open and Receptive, and it is moderately difficult to develop. Listening, patience, and a relaxed sense of humor are qualities that can help you build strong relationships with your colleagues and team. 

You understand and manage processes well. You know that the best processes are dynamic and require constant evaluation and tweaking. You see how all the pieces fit together and how one affects the other. You build in feedback loops and monitor key metrics. Optimizing for efficiency is something you focus on—you are always looking for continuous improvement.

K/F Insight:
Managing Work Processes is highly correlated with strong performance at the manager level. Managers are often responsible for seeing the big picture and understanding how the pieces interrelate. Most people are low in this skill, and it is moderately difficult to develop. The ability to see a process as a dynamic system and to understand how tweaks create ripple effects is a vital contribution to a business and will differentiate you from other leaders.

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